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If your child is struggling in math, we can help.

Math is hard for a lot of kids, but nobody wants to be bad at math. And that’s why we are here.

We firmly believe the most crucial component to math success is confidence. Being willing to try, make mistakes and learn from those mistakes is a just as much a skill as leaning to add or multiply. During our math sessions we will focus on fostering a growth mindset and self-advocacy as we specifically tailor math instruction to your child’s exact skill deficits. We will use stress free diagnostics to screen and find where the holes in math are, then create a plan to be most effective with our sessions. To add even more value we have experience teaching both traditional methods and newer styles of instruction.

Additionally, students today are not learning math the way we did. It’s different and we’ve seen the frustration that comes with this new style of instruction. This causes stress for everyone and makes helping often feel counterproductive. The good news is we can help. No matter where your kiddo is in math we can bridge the gap between the new and older methods as we focus on the skills your child needs to become more successful and confident in math